Aeroflex Alt-8015 Fmcw/military Pulse Radio Altimeter Test Set



The new Aeroflex ALT-8015 Radio Altimeter Flightline Test Set provides an easily configurable RF based altitude simulation to quickly test an installation, or direct connect to the Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) for additional troubleshooting capability. A large color touchscreen displays parametric measurements and allows for detailed profiles to be set up to emulate actual airborne conditions. For commercial applications, see the ALT-8000.

The user interface is Windows? based and provides various pages for control of the test set and display of parametric measurements including: TX power, TX frequency (center), sweep rate, TX pulse width (pulse systems).

The Profile page allows the user to create, save, recall or delete named profiles. Each profile is comprised of individual legs. Start, stop altitudes and rates are definable for each leg. A profile can then be executed to simulate a complete landing approach including flare out or a take-off and departure.

RF Coupling
The supplied antenna couplers allow the radio altitude system to be quickly verified without access being required to test ports on the UUT LRU. The RF looped test verifies TX frequency, power, sweep rate, and RF level control provides the means to test UUT sensitivity.

The setup page allows system, user and RF connection parameters to be set by the user, including RS-232, AID, RF cable loss and altitude offset.

Tests military pulse radio altimeters: AN/APN-171(V), AN/APN-194(V) and AN/APN-209(V), including LPI variants
Tests FMCW radio altimeters including CDF types
Fast detector for tracking LPI radio altimeters with TX power management
Direct-connect to UUT transmit/receive port or to installed system via antenna couplers
Ratio-metric RF loop test allows TX, RX, antenna or feeder faults to be identified
Programmable multi-leg climb/descend profiles
Large color touch-screen display with simple user interface
Remote control interface (Ethernet)
Lightweight and compact <10 lbs. (4.5 kg) Battery 4 hours plus duration Software upgradeable


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