Aeroflex’s Tm500 Multi-handset (multi-ue) Test Mobile



The TM500 LTE Multi-UE provides the ability to operate multiple UEs on the same test platform using a single point of control. In addition to functional multi-UE testing, the use of the same test platform enables specific tests that require UE co-ordination for which it is not feasible to use independent handsets. Such tests include contention between UEs attempting to access the network together and the ability to check a network’s response if multiple UEs behave unexpectedly or abnormally together. However, each UE still provides 3GPP LTE functionality with its own independent software stack to ensure that it is representative of an LTE handset.

Handset configuration and measurement capabilities are also included to provide infrastructure engineers with the low-level UE access and internal UE visibility they require to properly test and debug the eNode-B (LTE basestation) and network. The performance measurement capabilities of the TM500 LTE Multi-UE can be used to measure, optimize and demonstrate functionality such as the resource scheduler performance of the eNode B.

In addition to its use for functional and performance testing, TM500 Multi-UE Test


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