Anotest Ymp30 S



The ANOTEST YMP 30-S tests the sealing quality of anodic coatings on aluminum, which is an important factor for weather resistance.
It measures the admittance Y of the anodic oxide film in accordance to DIN EN 12 373-5 and ASTM B 457-67.
In addition to measuring film thickness, the sealing quality of the coating should be measured. The purpose of measuring the sealing quality is to determine the weather resistance of a finish. The Anotest? is used for measurements on decorative anodic finishes, anodic finishes used in the construction industry and super hard anodic finishes.
The measurement procedure includes a self adhesive rubber ring which is placed on the surface to be tested with a few drops of test fluid. The aluminum surface is then connected to the socket of the unit and the test electrode dipped into the cell fluid. This in turn forms a capacitor in which the anodic film acts as the dielectric. It is the admittance of this capacitor that is measured and directly indicated in microsiemens.


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