BR 100 Pro Underground Water Detector


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Manufactured and developed to be the first in the world to discover
raw and artificial gold, caves,
tunnels and spaces under the the ground for a depth of 25m and
in-front range of about 1000m.. Two features are available also:
First, send and ground receiving ability to determine the existence of
gold and caves by using sensor bars.
Second, base routing without the need to plant ground to reach the
gold, caves guided by Directive guide.

User Guide

The device works for a dual system of two types of research provides a
greater opportunity to get more accurate results that enable the
detection of the target
The possibility of measuring the depth of the target
Survey a large area in a very short period of time
Could set the device to detect the following elements: Gold – Caves
The device has a touch screen control panel, ensuring easiest way of use.
a practical device design and comfortable to carry antennas – subject
to separation.
Rechargeable Batteries.
Battery: Type of AAA 5-volt rechargeable
batteries box with a charger for the batteries of 9.6 volts, screen
indicator of the type of cargo led
one year warranty
Digital laser detector
Antennas can be withdrawn at the top of the device according to system
antennas free movement.

gold detecting software

We run the device and opens the antennas in the device, then select
the program of research and then we drive to the target area and begin
the search process from left to right or from right to left with
continued focus to detect the target, the surface will be examined in
a balanced way automatically. In the event of discovery of the goal it
will give a signal indicating steering motor on the presence of a
target in the search area and then we will define the target of four
points to limit
the target within a distance not exceeding one square meter of 1 m


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