BR 30 Underground Water Detector


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This device is characterized by the ability to detect gold and
treasures buried beneath the surface of the Earth up to 200 meters in
front and a depth of up to 5 meters in the ground

Characteristics and components of the device

1. The main unit and include:
– High-definition LCD screen shows all the data – to adjust and
control the device
– The body of the device, made of materials. a private creditor does
not affect the operation of the device. they are anti-broken and
– Sensitive control keys to select the size and space to search.
– Antennas and sensors.
2. Battery: type AAA 5-volt rechargeable
3. Extra antenna in case of breakage or damage
4. Bag – made of aluminum waterproof. anti-shock and breakage
5. American industry – one year Warranty

Detectors of the gold

Open the antennas, after you run the device and determine the research
program, target area, and extend to the ground with little move left
to right or from right to left. continue focus to detect the presence
of a potential target.
The device will guide you directly towards the target and it is
determined by four points, by confining
Within a distance not exceeding 1 square meters.


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