BR 500 Gwc Underground Water Detector


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We often asks for the possibility of a compact device capable of
detecting gold in hidden caves and
spaces (rooms and basements, and cemeteries) and detect underground water.
all those things can be discovered through one device, so we produce
a new product with great features and capabilities, and we took into
considerations that our system is small in size and weighing not more
than about 2 kg.

We declare now As the first company in u.s.a a specialized device to
detect gold, caves and water in the ground
Features and specifications of the device:
– Based remote sensing (energy – static electricity), where the static
electric waves used to send the waves to a depth of up to 20 meters to
detect gold and caves, and 300 meters to detect groundwater
– Detection distances in front up to 1000 meters
– the device able to detect whether Golden goals of natural gold,
coins, old caves and ground water beneath the surface of the Earth up
to 1000 meters in front in a circular motion and depth of up to 20
meters below the surface, this device have two features to search and
find the target, it determines the target through the property of
remote sensing, then filter a signal by filters attached and then we
determine the distance.
– the device has a detection software for the following items: Gold –
caves – Groundwater
– available device languages: English, German, Arabic, Persian
– Possibility to determine the approximate depth to the target,
whether from water, caves or gold
– Works on a rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours of continuous
work plus extra battery.

Working on two different systems
First system: target detection through the use of long-range detection
without the need to plant the sensor in the ground and can guide you
to the goal within a few minutes
Second system: the use of a sensor sending a signal and followed to
get to the poles above the target directly

This device containing filters to validate the target and determine
the type of target burials, as well as methods for processors and
packaging surrounding the target using a set of three filters. In this
way, we reduce the error rate.

Peripherals and accessories the machine:

The main unit and contains all the keys of control and calibration.
its also contains the main LCD touch screen of the device which
displays the results
Identify and measure the depth of the target plus Molecular vibration
frequency detector of 400 MHz, allowing you to get very accurate
Measure the depth of the targets gives additional major advantage of
this device compared with other systems. Can also do within a very
short time a large area survey to detect gold, caves and groundwater
Control Panel is really comfortable and practical.
Battery: AA type of the 5-volt.
Rechargeable battery 9.6 volt power
Metal filters equipped with high-tech device is also able to avoid any
errors when scanning areas and vast territories.
Catalog in Arabic and English
Guarantee for one year


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