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The interstitial water within the subsurface layers, formed on the
underground reservoirs are under the pressure of these layers from all
sides, when a fault in those classes, they are pushed up to the
surface component known as the springs
Artesian springs
Composed when finds water, trapped between two layers, under pressure
as a result of weakness in the layer or the presence of a crack in it.
And the speed of flow in the springs and great rates act.
This is due to a crack extends in the earth’s crust and is
characterized by mineral water clearly

The disposal of rain water within the layers underneath the surface
and underground water tanks by the prospecting and exploration
drilling, it can be used for drinking, irrigation and other uses
according to the degree of sweetness and salinity.
Underground reservoir: this limits the reservoir layer from the bottom
is connected directly above atmospheric pressure and ground water
level. it is bounded from above and relate to this.. it’s closely
affected by the surface of the land where irrigation water and rain.
Groundwater exploration : The porosity and permeability of the rocks
of the earth’s crust has an active role in the formation of
groundwater, surface water used to form water tanks within these
rocks, and can these groundwater once again find a different route to
the surface through springs or cracking of the ground through the
processes of research and exploration

From here we point out several things unknown to many researchers and
prospectors for ground water and as long as we have heard people
asking agencies to detect water and this is difficult as the radar can
detect water to depths of up to 20 meters

We all know that anyone was looking for groundwater will buy a device
to detect underground water, regardless of price, or type, while using
the device, it gives you a signal that may be wrong or may be correct,
and here begins the person digging and drilling for water and we also
know that the costs of drilling and exploration water is not simple,
so we had to make it clear that the underground water detectors
operate on the principle of measurement resistively of the soil or on
the principle of remote sensing.

Here, we explain that the underground water detectors operate on
several principles:
First, detect water and poor soil through satellite imagery is
expensive and this may be in some countries
Second, detection of groundwater through the soil resistance sensors,
remote sensing is the best way to detect water, but it has limited

We all know that the best way to detect underground water are made by
bars of copper or traditional hardware. to collect all this
information and these things we can provide BR 500W Which includes all
those regulations set in a small size device and easy to use. it’s
able to detect underground water to a depth of up to 300 meters below
the surface, measure the resistance of the soil and the system of
remote sensing at the same time. this device can detect only large
water clusters with determine the approximate depth.

we have used the traditional system which is remote sensing and modern
system which measures the resistance of the soil, the device able to
detect underground water, whether from mineral water or fresh water or
salt water beneath the surface of the Earth up to 1000 meters in front
in a circular motion and a depth of up to 300 meters below the

Features and specifications of the device:

Works with two systems
First system: a system of remote sensing (energy – static electricity)
which sends electrical
static waves to depths of up to 300 meters, we have several options:
50 meters – 100 meters – 150 meters – 200 meters – 250 meters – 300
Second system: measurement system resistance, sensors planted in the
ground to send the signal to measure the resistance of the soil, we
also provide a program to determine the type of water detected and we
have several options where we can choose Mineral water – fresh water –
salt water.
Works on a rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours of continuous work.


The main unit and contains all the keys of control and calibration.
its also contains the main LCD touch screen of the device which
displays the results
Identify and measure the depth of the target
Identify and measure the depth of the target plus Molecular vibration
frequency detector of 460 MHz, allowing you to get very accurate
Measure the depth of the targets gives additional major advantage of
this device compared with other systems. Can also do within a very
short time a large area survey to detect gold, caves and groundwater
Control Panel is really comfortable and practical.
Battery: AA type of the 5-volt.
Rechargeable battery 9.6 volt power
Bars sensors to track the signal
Sensor to transmit a signal
2 Antennas used to search
Catalog in Arabic and English
Guarantee for one year


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