BR 600 Underground Water Detector


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latest equipment in the world to detect the treasures buried in the
ground (precious metals and caves and spatial) models 2012 (type of
metal – size – deep -) a very high accuracy

Characteristics of the device

this device able to detect the golden goals, whether of gold, natural
(gold ore) or coins beneath the surface of the Earth up to 1000 meters
in front in a circular motion and depth of up to 40 meters below the
surface, this device have two features of search and access the
target, it determines the target from a distance through the property
of the sensor, then filter the signal through filters attached and
then we determine the distance

Characteristics of the device

This device has a detection software for the following items where we can chose
* Gold * Silver * Bronze * Copper * Iron * Diamond * Emerald
* Aluminum * Lead * Water
available device languages: English, German, Arabic, Persian and French.

Characteristics and components

The main unit and contains all the keys of control and calibration.
its also contains the main LCD touch screen of the device which
displays the results
Identify and measure the depth of the target plus Molecular vibration
frequency detector of 400 MHz, allowing you to get very accurate
Measure the depth of the targets gives additional major advantage of
this device compared with other systems. Can also do within a very
short time a large area survey to detect gold, caves and groundwater
Control Panel is really comfortable and practical.
Battery: AA type of the 5-volt.
Rechargeable battery 9.6 volt power
This device has filters to verify the validity of the goal and
determine the type of target, as well as methods for processors and
packaging surrounding the target using a set of three filters. In this
way we reduce the error rate.
Metal filters equipped with high-tech device is also able to avoid any
errors when you survey the areas and the vast lands
Guarantee for a period of one year
Important Note: This device can detect underground water to depths of
up to 200 meters below the earth’s surface and lower resistance of
soil where groundwater is available, allowing for penetration depths
up to 200 meters with the possibility of determining depth


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