BR 70 Underground Water Detector


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Running dual types of search provides a greater opportunity to get
more accurate results that enable the discovery of the target, whether
of gold or silver
The possibility of measuring the depth of the target machine by
measuring the depth with the device attached

Characteristics and components of the device

This device has a touch-screen control panel to ensure ease of use.
the device is comfortable.. and antennas are attached. Battery: type
AAA 5-volt in addition to extra battery for use when needed 9.6 volts.
Digital laser detector
Three antennas can be attached to the top of the device

The operation of the device.

According to the system antenna free movement. This device is able to
detect the golden goals, whether of gold, coins beneath the surface of
the Earth up to 750 meters in front in a circular motion and depth of
up to 10 meters in the ground, this device have two features of search
and access the target, it determines the target from a distance
through the property of the sensor, then filter the signal through
filters attached and then we determine the distance.
Works in all weather conditions and ground terrain is not affected by soil
American industry – one year warranty

Gold-detection software

After opening the antennas, we select the program of research.. then
we go to the target area, and start the search process from left to
right or from right to left. continue focus to detect the target. In
case detection happened. the device will guide you directly towards
the target. its confined to four points in a distance of no more than
a meter box, and then we can run the machine and determine the depth
of the target and its really accurate.


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