BR G Underground Water Detector


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This device is characterized by the ability to detect gold and mapping
distances front and up to 200 meters and a depth of up to 3 meters
below the surface as it is characterized by light weight and ease of

Characteristics and components of the device

The main unit and include:
– High-definition LCD screen showing all the data to adjust and
control the device
– Body manufactured of plastics materials that does not affect the
operation of the device and it is
anti-breakable and doesn’t affected by shocks
– Sensitive control keys to select the size and distance of the search.
– Search antennas and sensors.
– Type of battery (5AAA) Rechargeable
– Antenna back-up in case of breakage or damage
– Bag of metal made from the aluminum. waterproof and anti-shock and breakage
– one year warranty
– Manufactured in USA

gold detecting

open the antennas, after you run the device and determine the research
program we drive to the target area, and move to the ground a bit with
the search from left to right or from right to left with
continued focus to detect the target, it will check the area in a
balanced way. once discover a golden goal, the system will go directly
toward it and it is determined by four points and confined within a
distance not exceeding 1 square meters.


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