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As wishes of hundreds of callers from our customers as they are
always asking for a specialized unit that detects gold exclusively,
without the multi-metals detecting functions.

We worked hard to meet our customers requirements, so we devote our
resources to reach our desired result that our customers await. So, we
are putting our 5m depth gold-detecting unit between our valued
customers hands in all over the world.

And our new device “BR plus system” is a modern-designed, highly
performances and advanced technology.We have tried hard to reach the
results by our scientific researches.

In our BR plus system we have developed a new standard in the field of
detection technology for gold ore with an amazing array of features
and functionality superior to its predecessor, The multi-polar sensing
technology available within the device allow the disclosure of gold in
various sizes from very small pieces and even large volumes of gold
with high accuracy. Also been developed and modified this version and
provide it with more features so that up to greater depths during the
search process.

The device has unique features and functions, in addition to the
control panel of the device features flexible and practical in use,
the device also features the possibility of using it on all types of
terrain, it is easy to use for beginners and advanced users in the
field of metal detectors and gold. This device is the most appropriate
choice if you are looking for raw gold


The device has the following techniques that allow the device to issue
a clear alert targeted a of gold no matter what its size is.


Search conditions

Detect the status of pure gold:
This situation detects pure gold ore on a large depth and high sensitivity ..
Detect the status of gold in the salt:
This detects the position of gold in areas with relatively saline
soils, as in the seas and oceans, beaches and other places.
Increase the depth and position:
This position provides the possibility of detection of the device for
greater depths of up to 5 m
Development of high sensitivity of the device:
enhancing the sensitivity of the device in order to determine more
precisely the objectives found in the ground.
Automatic calibration status of the soil:
set the device to perform the calibration of the soil automatically no
matter what type of soil.
An amendment audio:
device is available within the new options to adjust the volume or
type with personal use.

Components of the device:

The main unit: Includes all keys, control and calibrate the device
Backlit screen: allows to see the screen of the device at night or at
any time during the day with automatic adjustment of the lighting at
different hours of the day to save on battery
Lightweight battery: lithium-type last for long working hours
Two types of searching coils: are provided to multiple options for search
Drs – 45 cm
Drs – 25 cm
Desire for additional disk-type
BR PLUS – 11 inch
Home Charger + Car Charger
Carry bag which fit to put all the components and parts of the device in it.
Belt to carry the device during the process of exploration
Instruction Manual in Arabic and English
3 years guarantee


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