Duur Hd-cr 43 Ndt Automatic Image Plate Scanner


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Adaptive erasing
The erasing intensity is adapted
to the exposure type in order to avoid
ghost images.
Contact-free IP processing
Completely contact-free image plate
transport. 25.000 scratch-free scans.
Fully automatically

Insert the image plate cassette and
remove after scanning, the rest is done
Smallest foot print of its class.
Why CR Technology of D?RR NDT?
D?RR NDT has made a commitment to deliver to the customer products,
tailored perfectly to the needs of the market.
Through the continuous optimization of existing products and
development of new solutions, D?RR NDT has become one of the market
leaders in non- destructive.
testing within short time.

Technical Data
Dimensions (H x W x D) 113 x 41 x 46 cm
Weight 56 kg
Power supply 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, max. 250 W
Temperature range 10 to 35? C
Noise level < 39 dB(A) PC-Connection Ethernet (TCP-IP protocol) Software D?RR NDT D-Tect Resolution Stepless selectable HD-CR 43 NDT: 12,5 - 200 ?m CR 43 NDT: 50 - 200 ?m Basic Spatial Res. HD-CR 43 NDT: 40 ?m CR 43 NDT: 100 ?m Grey level resolution 16 bit, 65.536 grey levels Image plate sizes HD-IP plus 18x24IP 18x24 HD-IP plus 24x30 IP 24x30 HD-IP plus 35x43IP 35x43 Max. Cassettes / hour ?68 Laser Class Laser Class I (EN60825-1) Accessories Image Plate Cassettes for HD-CR 43 NDT Image plate cassettes with RFID for cyle monitoring and assignment. D?RR NDT warrants at least 25.000 reading cycles without deterioration with only one image plate. The Image plate cassettes are available in following Formats: HD-IP plus 18 x 24IP 18 x 24 HD-IP plus 24 x 30 IP 24 x 30 HD-IP plus 35 x 43IP 35 x 43


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