Fisher Couloscope Cms



COULOSCOPE CMS (Coulometric Measuring System) uses the coulometric method for measuring coating thickness. New design features include a large, easy to read LCD display, an intuitive menu-driven operator system, the new V18 measuring stand that allows automatic filling and emptying of the cell by pump control as well as additional SPC capabilities.
The instrument is ideal for measuring the thickness of virtually any metallic coating on a metallic or non-metallic substrate, including multiple coatings. It is used in applications where non-destructive methods cannot or need not be used.
The COULOSCOPE CMS, accurately measures metallic coatings in the range of 0.05 – 40 ?m. The unit is capable of storing hundreds of predefined coating/substrate applications from single coatings such as zinc on steel up to triple coatings like chromium on nickel on copper on plastic. Multiple storage memories allow thousands of measurement values to be recorded and saved.
An RS232 interface allows the stored data to be printed or downloaded to a PC.


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