Fisher Mp0, Mp0r, Mp0r-fp



Robust, handy and small – the MP0/MP0R-series. For mobile, precise and non-destructive coating thickness measurements using magnetic inductive or eddy current method.
The professional measurement technology from FISCHER in a compact design. With two rectangular placed displays and bright illumination for an outstanding readability. Perfect suited for quick reliable and precise measurements ? also under difficult conditions like hardly accessible areas or bad illumination.
In various versions available:
DUALSCOPE MP0: For measurement of coatings on ferrous or non-ferrous materials.
DUALSCOPE MP0R: With additional radio- and USB-interface for data transmission to a PC
DUALSCOPE MP0R-FP: With fixed cable probe, radio- and USB interface
ISOSCOPE MP0R: For measurements only on non-ferrous materials. With radio- and USB interface.


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