IFR 6015 Military Flightline Test Set



The IFR 6015 is a compact, lightweight and weatherproof unit designed for testing Transponder Modes 1,2,3A,C,S, TCAS I, II, and Military E-TCAS, TIS as well as DME/TACAN.
IFF Modes 1,2 and TACAN are standard on all new units.
For upgrades to existing units contact Aeroflex.

IFR 6015 features include:
Mode S level 1-4, (level automatically determined), FAR Part 43 appendix F, (including proposed Eurocontrol extension), Eurocontrol Elementary and Enhanced Surveillance
Quickly and easily provides accurate measurement of transponder transmitting frequency, power and receiver sensitivity. Predetermined configurations for testing any class of transponder.
ICAO Annex 10 amendment 77
IFF Modes 1 & 2 and TACAN

Tests any DME 1 MHz spaced X or Y channel. Measurements include: interrogator transmitter frequency/peak power, Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF), P1/P2 width and pulse spacing. Provides accurate range and velocity simulation, station ident, squitter control.
TACAN Test Modes; T/R Norm, T/R Range Only, T/R Inverse, A/A Beacon, A/A Range Only and A/A Inverse
Simulates the airborne environment necessary to allow verification/certification of proper operation of an aircraft’s TCAS I and II as well as E-TCAS installations.
Detachable directional antenna
Large 5.7-inch LCD display
Simple user interface
Lightweight at less than 8 lbs.

Transponder Modes 1,2,3A/C/S, TCAS I, II, E-TCAS and TACAN
EXPORT CONTROL:This product is subject to the Export Administration (“EAR”) (15 CFR 730-774) and may not be exported, re-exported or otherwise transferred to a foreign person, or outside the United States without authorization from the U.S. Department of Commerce.


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