Noyes C880 Certification Optical Loss Test Kit


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The NOYES C880 Certification Test Set combines functionality in a compact test kit designed for performing length, loss (Tier 1) testing and inspection capability on both multimode and single-mode fibers. The C880 is a kit of two C840 testers; each light weight tester includes integrated single-mode and multimode sources, an OPM and a VFL. Each tester may be used alone as a traditional power meter, light source or visual fault locator or used in pairs to bi-directionally test fiber pairs.
Reference both single-mode and multimode fibers at the start of the test day, and perform all Tier 1 tests without changing equipment or modules to re-reference. Communicate during certification testing using built-in text messaging functionality.
Save time and money performing bi-directional two-fiber loss tests with one trip. Select ISO/TIA/EN standards, applications or user created rules. Set Pass/Fail criteria for Tier 1 test compliance. Never leave a job site without assured industry compliant results again!

Thousands of test results may be stored internally for transfer to a computer via a USB cable or a standard USB drive for viewing, printing, and analyzing with the supplied Windows? compatible software – TRM? (Test Results Manager). Acceptance reports generated using TRM? can include certification reports and end-face images.
More Features
Handheld, 0.9 kg (2 lb)
Integrated OPM, OLS, and VFL
850/1300 nm – LED and 1310/1550 nm – Laser sources
Dual-wavelength certification Pass/Fail
Two fibers bi-directional and single fiber testing
Transflective (indoor/outdoor) touch screen display
Tool-free, switchable adapters
Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (>8 hours) or AC power
USB host and function ports for data storage and transfer
Internal (1000s test results) and USB storage
Windows compatible analysis and reporting software


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