Noyes Ofl250-50 Fault-locating Otdr


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The NOYES OFL250-50 is a single-wavelength (1550 nm) OTDR suitable for fault-locating and basic testing of single-mode fibers in core, metro, and FTTx networks. Standard features include an integrated optical power meter, 1550 nm optical light source, and visual fault locator. Weighing less than 0.8 kg (1.7 lb), equipped with a direct-sun viewable display, and able to operate for twelve (12) hours from a smart, Li-Ion battery, it is ideal for use in tough, outside plant environments.
The OFL250-50 provides automatic and manual setup, precision event analysis, and USB connectivity.
OTDR test results may be saved as SOR files, which can be transferred to a PC for viewing, printing, and analysis using supplied Windows? software.

More Features
Integrated OPM, OLS, VFL
Tool-free, switchable adapters for OTDR and OPM ports
Internal storage (>1000 OTDR traces in standard .SOR format)
High-contrast display is clear and bright in any lighting condition, including direct sunlight
Transfer test results to a PC via USB
Rechargeable 12-hour Li-Ion battery or AC power
Windows? compatible software to view, print, and archive test records
Rugged, hand-held and lightweight

More Applications
Locate cable cuts, open or high-loss splices, fiber bends, and high-loss/reflectance connections
Measure optical power (OPM port)
Short-range fault-location (VFL port)
Trace fibers and measure end-to-end loss at 1550 nm (with a NOYES OPM or OLS)
Identify fibers (with NOYES optical fiber identifier)


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