Promax Prowatch Deide 3


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PROMAX is presenting the new PROWATCH DEIDE3 equipment, based on technology developed on our R+D labs. PROWATCH DEIDE3 equipment, are detection, identification and continuous monitoring systems for radio and digital TV signals with remote control.
Detection of radio signals received in a specific location, in the radio as well as in the digital and analogue television bands.
Identification of each one of the signals received, obtaining the information provided by the radio broadcaster either in the signal itself or for visual and/or sound identification.
Permanent monitoring of a variable area of the radio spectrum, carrying out an analysis of the detected variations.
The equipment or measuring station can carry out the previous operations in local mode or through remote control by other analogue equipment.
It works with digital radio (DAB), terrestrial digital television (TDT) according to the DVB-T (COFDM modulation) standard, FM-RDS radio and analogue TV signals.


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