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The system includes a 128-channel multiplexing pulser/receiver module; state of-the-art data capture electronics and a standard PC laptop, housed in a low-profile rugged plastic enclosure. The instrument operates through a user-friendly Windows based interface.
Powerful gating and evaluation tools ensure that the ultrasonic signals can be analysed and interpreted to the fullest extent. RapidScan 2 operates in pulse-echo mode suitable for inspecting medium to large areas. The high resolution C-scans show time of flight and amplitude data, simultaneously displaying both A and B-scans live.
RapidScan 2 has been successfully employed for inspecting a range of materials and structures. A simple parallel may be drawn to conventional A-scan inspections; if a part can be inspected with a ?”, single element transducer then it can often be inspected using RapidScan 2. Exceptions to this rule are compound curves, complex geometry and parts with restricted access.

Rapidscan 2 Accessories
Ultrasonic Array
Centre freq.: 2, 5, 10 MHz
Bandwidth: >60% (-6dB)
Element pitch: 0.8mm
Active Array width: 50mm
No. of elements: 64
Aperture: 8, 16, 24 and 32 channel beam formation supported
Max cable length: 10m @ 5MHz
Connector: Cannon ZIF 260 pins
Wheel Probe

Water filled low attenuation rubber tyre
Rotary quadrature encoder for positional information.
Spring loaded buggy for fast scanning.


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