Sigmascope Smp10



The SIGMASCOPE SMP10 is a hand-held instrument which provides rapid, simple, on-the-spot and, if necessary contact free, measurement of the conductivity of non-magnetic metals.
The corresponding measurement probe ES40 operates at the measurement frequencies of 60 kHz, 120 kHz, 240 kHz and 480 kHz.
For automatic temperature compensation of the conductivity measurement the current temperature of the specimen can be measured using either the temperature sensor integrated in the probe ES40 or an optional external sensor.
For the conductivity measurements of very thin Aluminum platings of only about 0.2 mm thickness in the aircraft industry the SIGMASCOPE? SMP10-HF is available. The measurement frequencies are 60 kHz, 240 kHz and 480 kHz with probe ES40 and 1.25 MHz with probe ES40-HF.

-Absolute measurement of electrical conductivity during the production process of aluminum copper, etc.
-Monitoring heat-treatment processes, strength and hardness of aluminum wrought alloys in the aerospace and automobile industries.
-Checking the electrical conductivity before anodizing aluminum.
-Determination of the degree of purity and scrap metal sorting.


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