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The Prisma UT model offers the end user a high end ultrasonic flaw detector with superior performance and functionality at their finger tips.
Features include:
Largest and highest resolution display in it’s field, with built in reflectivity for sunlight readability.
Enhanced Imaging Capability enables A-Scan, B-Scans and C-Scans.
Full screen mode uses 100% of the display for the scan imaging with 29 layouts to choose from so data can be viewed and worked in any layout you wish.
Numerous palettes are available for all scans – use amplitude or depth C-Scans. You can even customize palettes.
Advanced display modes include smoothing, contouring, averaging, envelope….
A-Scan resolution – up to 8192 points!
Full data recording is possible including screen shots. This also aids traceablility and can confirm repeatability.
Probe & Wedge on-board database.
New Configuration Wizard helps the technician to get the best out of the Prisma.
Parameter Genius highlights the source of incorrect set ups by showing you the parameters that are not configured correctly.
The TOFD option is on board – so no need to have extra instrumentation for TOFD Inspection.
The Prisma is upgradeable – anytime and anywhere. So if TOFD or PA is required for the next project simply contact us to upgrade – in the field. No need to return your instrument.
UT Studio analysis software is simple to use with powerful results, based on a drag and drop approach in an intuitive environment.

Prisma UT Specification
Prisma UT Standard Kit
Dual UT Channels with:
A-Scan recording
2 Axis Encoding
Interface Triggering (IFT)
A,B & C Scan Displays
USB Stick (8GB)
User Manual
2 point neck harness
Lithium Ion Battery Packs (x2)
External battery charger
Power cord & Supply adaptor
Screen Protector
Transport Case (Airplane Carry on size)


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